2 little angels become ‘beacons of hope’ for many in-waiting Organ Failure patients

Chandigarh, July 25, 2020: Two little angels aged 10 and 11 years became beacons of hope for in-waiting organ failure patients as their parents’ generous decision of organ donation in the midst of their own grim tragedy gave a fresh lease of life to five ter-minally ill organ failure patients after the successful transplant of one heart and four kidneys conduct-ed in the thick of COVID-19 in this week here in PGIMER.

This was the 6th heart transplant conducted in PGIMER till date.

Prof. Jagat Ram, Director, PGIMER, describing the challenges amid COVID-19, stated, “With the numbers consistently surging, PGIMER is overwhelmed with COVID positive patients. So, intro-ducing those waiting to receive an organ to this environment as well as conducting transplants is ridden with multiple challenges. This goes to the credit of each and every mem-ber of the PGIMER team involved in the process that their untiring efforts enabled saving five lives with these two latest organ dona-tions despite alongside grappling with the unprecedented crisis of COVID-19.”

Expressing his gratitude to the donor families, Prof. Jagat Ram added, “As life ends for one person, it is just beginning for someone else.

That is the bitter-sweet reality of organ donation. It is an extremely hard decision for the donor family, but families like that of these two donor children from adjoining dis-tricts of Mohali and Rupnagar defi-nitely instil a sense of confidence and a ray of hope.”

Prof. Ashish Sharma, Head, Deptt. of Renal Transplant Surgery, PGIMER who led the procedure for the transplant of four kidneys back to back, stated, “There were chal-lenges involved in doing transplant in view of the COVID outbreak. Special precautions were taken to proceed with the transplant. The deceased donor as well as both recipients were tested and con-firmed to be negative for COVID-19. Fortunately all 4 kidneys of both donors in the recipients have started to function well. The recipients were grateful to the donors as all four were on dialysis for over 3 years”

Prof. Vipin Koushal, Nodal Offi-cer, ROTTO PGIMER said, “It is heartbreaking for any family to lose their young children. The act of Organ Donation during these diffi-cult times shows magnanimity on the part of donor families who agreed to donate despite suffering a loss of their young children, both being less than 12 years. Its an extremely tough call but ‘spirit of giving’ overcomes all obstacles.”

“Nothing can console a parent over the death of their child, but knowing that my 10 year old daugh-ter’s organs gave a second lease of life to three people helped us feel that our daughter did not die in vain,” stated the aggrieved father from Kharar, Mohali, whose daugh-ter had a fatal fall from a height on 14th July at her home only.

After the initial treatment in GMCH, Sector 32, she was shifted to PGIMER the same day.

Battling for life for over a week, she succumbed to her injuries and was declared brain dead on 24th July.

Later, the magnanimous consent for organ donation by her family saved three lives with the transplan-tation of one heart and two kidneys tonight.

Earlier on 22nd July, family of another little angel, 11 year old Amandeep from village Chikha, dis-trict Rupnagar displayed the rare courage of organ donation of his deceased son who was admitted in PGIMER on 16th July with intracra-nial bleed.

His condition kept worsening and finally Amandeep was declared brain dead on 22nd July following the protocols of THOA.

Sharing his sentiments after con-senting for organ donation, the grief-stricken father Partap Singh stated, “My son Amandeep being haemophilic could survive all these years because of blood donations by generous strangers. So, my decision to donate his organs was a gratitude to all those donors who enabled us have spent this precious time with our adorable son.”

Partap Singh’s benevolent deci-sion enabledsaving of two terminal patients who were counting their days till the transplantation of kid-neys retrieved from his donor son.

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