Who will tame the Monitor ?

While releasing funds for the MC, the Chandigarh administration had quipped that they will be monitoring the various activities being undertaken by the MC.

To the astonishment of the residents, the Chandigarh Administration itself is flouting the norms while re -carpeting Madhya Marg which falls under its jurisdiction.

While engaging the Central Roads Research Institute to recommend the remedy for flooding of roads in the city, the experts opined that the flooding was because of ever increasing road levels after subsequent carpeting. Based on this findings, the Administration had decided that no carpeting of roads should be undertaken without peeling off the additional layers and maintaining the roads at their ideal level. After initial follow of the instructions, the MC started ignoring the same. The re carpeting of the roads in 37 C and D had been done without following the norms. Strangely enough it all goes unchecked by the administration despite  the complaints of the residents and RWA. Now while re-carpeting Madhya Marg, the Administration is flouting it’s own instructions. This will result in  raised levels of Madhya Marg compared to the roads crossing it which fall under the jurisdiction of the MC.

The big question is: Who will monitor the Big brother?

R K Garg
Second Innings Association

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