Night Shelters at whopping cost

Yesterday (December 6, 2019) the MC Road Division no.3 has issued a Tender Notice for Temporary Water proof Night Shelters for 3.5 Months. Estimated cost is Rs 1,37,83,000.00 and technical bids will be opened on 12th Dec 2019.

The amount of tender will be paid from Account Head : Annual maintenance of Roads.

Here it is important to mention that last year Administration far as I know, had issued a grant of 70.00 Lakhs to MC for setting up Night Shelters and this year that cost has doubled.

And the amount of Rs 1.5 crores may be sufficient to make permanent structure for Homeless residents

I suggest that the spaces may be identified in All Hospitals for large number if attendants and for other Homeless people the Community Centers can be used as all Community centers are under MC Control.

R K Garg


Convenor, RTI Chandigarh

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