Ms. Flavia Agnes

Mumbai based Flavia Agnes was born in November 1947. Married in December 1967, her ordained home turned out to be a hell-house for her. At 33, she quit her husband’s home. A mere SSC, she resumed her studies and she lived on small jobs. Her determination for self-preservation saw her through to become a lawyer and a ‘heroine’ at the Family Courts.

In 1991 Flavia Agnes started Majlis a centre for securing the legal rights of women and providing them access to courts. The centre deals primarily with issues of sexual and domestic abuse. Over the years, it has helped over 50,000 women and children and counselled thrice that number. The motto of the organisation is to transform victims into survivors by walking the legal journey with them.

Flavia has authored several books on laws relating to oppressed women. She is ever-ready to rush to rescue those sisters who are in trouble in which she herself once had been. She is a tower of strength to all women organizations working for women causes. She has addressed many international conferences.

Flavia is a Neerja Bhanot Awardee.

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