Ms. Minoti Barthakur

Minoti Barthakur had a brilliant academic record and was a gold medalist from Darrang College Tezpur, Assam. She served as Professor and Head of the Department of Philosophy, Cotton College and retired from active government service in 2006.

In April 1994, she was diagnosed with Malignant Lymphoma which had already spread over her stomach, liver, spleen pancreas and lungs. The doctors at the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai said that even with the best available treatment she might not be able to live for a year.

During her sickness she promised to the Almighty that, if she lives even for a few years she will dedicate her life for the cause of cancer and the cancer patients of the North-Eastern region. She studied a large number of books and research works written by cancer specialists and cancer patients during the period of her sickness. With the knowledge she derived from these books, the knowledge from her own experience of yoga and meditation, as well as knowledge that she collected from the study of the internet, she started offering her regular free service in Dr. B. Barooah Cancer Institute (since January 2000).

Through her counselling, Minoti tries to change the attitude of the patients by inspiring and motivating them to fight with their disease.

Minoti visited Bangladesh in 2004 and offered her services in Mahakali, Dhaka Cancer Hospital, which was very much appreciated. She visited Sri Lanka in 2014 and conducted a workshop for the cancer patients of the National Cancer Hospital, Colombo, Kandy Cancer Hospital. In 2016, she visited the Maldives, on invitation from the Maldives Cancer Society.

Minoti had a second attack of her disease in 2009, which was diagnosed in the fourth stage. But this time she fought so bravely that it gave her much less pain. Even during her worst period of Chemotherapy, she never stopped working for the cause of cancer.

Minoti has written four books which have been widely acclaimed.

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