Ms. Shanti Bhanot

Shanti Bhanot spent her formative years imbibing the cultures and traditions of a number of countries as her father was a senior international banker and was posted to many countries including Bahrain, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia etc. She did her schooling in these countries and this early global exposure helped her widen her horizons.

Based on her own experience, Ms. Shanti Bhanot believes that travelling to various parts of the country and internationally, gives much better education to a child than formal education does. While most people try to go abroad for higher education, she believes that such travel in the younger, formative years is more beneficial to the person and gives better understanding and acceptance of the diversities in the world.

She returned to India in 1984 to do her Bachelor in Commercial Art from the renowned J J School of Art, Mumbai and subsequently worked in the advertising industry in Mumbai, where she created a name for herself. After achieving success in the creative elements of advertising, Shanti decided to challenge herself more by moving to the marketing/client servicing side of advertising and was successful there too. She then got into Public Relations and became a start-up entrepreneur. She, along with her husband, ran one of the most professional and successful PR Agencies of the region. In a true spirit of commitment and compassion for her fellow human beings, she created a special CSR division in the Agency which did free work for deserving social projects.

Shanti’s journey into Yoga started with learning from a few formal courses but it was the one and a half years of self practice which gave her a deeper insight into the form she teaches today. It was the start of her journey inward.

Adding to her diverse exploration of the outer and inner worlds she added another dimension by learning and practicing Tarot with a hope of helping and guiding people lead a more fulfilling life. The intuition and understanding enhanced by yoga added to this expansion.

She is also actively involved in one of the Chandigarh chapters of Rotary.

Ms. Shanti Bhanot is spiritual without being religious. She is married and has one son – Hari Bhanot- who is a qualified Chartered Accountant and works in the corporate world.

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