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Dr. Ali Mohammad Shahi

The true purpose of  any person in this world is to be of service to his fellow man … to do sewa in whichever way he can. For a doctor this is especially true. And it is this philosophy, this learning, which enthused Dr. Ali Mohammad Shahi to set up his base in a small village rather than a big city or town.

“I did not get into the lure of establishing a commercially oriented health facility either in Ludhiana where I studied or Bathinda where I did my training. I decided that I would do sewa in  a small village called Nagar, which is around 4 kilometres away even from the national highway. It was a relatively unknown village close to Phillaur town, but I am glad to say that people from large cities of not only Punjab but also the neighbouring States come to Nagar now to take treatment from me.” Dr. Ali specializes in treatment of Bones and Joints and related illnesses.

‘We use Vacuum Therapy to alleviate pain and bring immediate relief to the patient,” says Dr. Ali. “We do not prescribe medicines and instead cure the patient through specialized massages. Even in case of fractures, we use splints and not plaster. This form of treatment is not only beneficial to the patient but also works out very economical for them.”

Starting off well…

Dr. Ali Mohammad Shahi was born on April 3, 1967 in  village Sargodha, near Goraya in Jalandhar district of  Punjab. His father had a milk dairy while his mother was a housewife. Dr. Ali did Bachelor of Electropathy Medicine & Surgery (BEMS) from Ludhiana.  He then did his training for 3 years at a private hospital in Bathinda.

“My brother had a shop in village Nagar and I used to visit him every Sunday.  People used to come there and ask me what I was doing. I told them about this alternative system of medicine which is natural, harmless, simple,  non-toxic, non alcoholic and has no side effects. Hearing about this, some  patients, just two or three,  started coming to me and requested me to treat their back pain, joint pain etc.  In the ensuing Sundays, I found more and more people coming to me … from 5 to 10 to 20. Some of them requested me to start coming on Saturdays also, which I did. This was in the year 1988.”

“As the number of patients kept on increasing, some people suggested to me to start practice in Ludhiana. You will do very well there and earn a lot, they told me. I looked at the options very carefully and would have probably done it, but some villagers approached me and requested me to stay in Nagar and look after them. I did that and I am so happy I took that decision.”

“When the number of patients crossed 40, I set up a small 4 room clinic in Nagar and shifted there from Bathinda.  As word about my treatment spread, the number  of patients increased further and in 1992 I constructed  my own building. I started seeing 150-200 patients daily. In fact, my record is seeing 296 patients in  one day. In 5 minutes, I am able to give treatment to a patient,” he says.

In this day and age of commercialization of healthcare, Dr. Ali has kept his rates extremely affordable. “When I started practice in 1988, my Consultation Fee was Rs. 10. Today, 27 years later, it is Rs. 100.  There are no medicines prescribed either, so patients find the treatment very economical and effective too.”

“Through massage done by us, the  nerves and  joints get free. Then, by vacuum therapy, we are able to do the setting and this helps in curing the patient. Obviously, people have benefitted because the number of patients have increased through word-of-mouth only. I have never done any print or TV publicity for myself,” he adds.

Well joined family

Dr. Ali got married in 1991 to Mrs. Karmte Shahi. “She was the  Head Technician in the hospital where I was trained. It was love at first sight and we got married soon  thereafter.” They have two daughters. The elder daughter, Jasmine, is in Canada while the younger daughter, Aashmeen, finished her studies  recently from a  medical college in Bathinda and is now a doctor herself.

Dr Ali advises both his daughters as well as the youth of the country to be ready to struggle if the need arises. “The real success and happiness is on seeing the smile on the face of a person you have treated or helped. It is rural India which needs your support and services. If you can, do give preference to the villages.”

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