Amandeep Sadhu Singh honoured by Rotary Chandigarh Shivalik and Second Innings Association

Chandigarh, January 15, 2020:  Rotary Chandigarh Shivalik (RCS) and the Second Innings Association (SIA) today  felicitated Sh. Amandeep Sadhu Singh at a ‘Inspiraton of the Month’ ceremony held at Sip ’n Dine, Sector 7, Chandigarh and presented a Trophy and a Certificate to him.

Mr. Amandeep Sadhu Singh stays in Panchkula and is involved in food delivery through Uber Eats. In an amazing act of compassion and in keeping with the good nature of his family, Mr. Amandeep has been instrumental in looking after a number of destitute and mentally challenged persons found on the pavements of Panchkula and tracing out and reuniting them with their families wherever in India they may be. He recently looked after a 35 year old man, Ravikant, who had boarded the wrong train in Mumbai and was stranded on the pavements of Panckula for many months. “It was very gratifying when we were able to contact his family in Mumbai and they came and took him home,” he says.

Talking about the challenges he faces in doing this noble act, Mr. Amandeep says, “The first and most important thing is to get the confidence of the aggrieved person who is living in traumatic conditions. We slowly get him to repose his trust in us and get information on his family. It is a slow process and one has to be very patient in dealing with such persons but it is well worth it. My entire family gets involved in this including my father, Sahib Singh, my wife Amrit, my little daughter Khushi and my cousin, Kulvir. We have helped reuniting many people from Jharkand, Bihar and other states. Currently, we are looking after a senior citizen who we found on the streets of Panchkula  and hope to get him to his family soon.”

According to  Aneesh Bhanot, President, Rotary Chandigarh Shivalik,  “Mr. Amandeep Sahib Singh is indeed a highly inspiring personality. He is a person of firm principles and a total commitment to upholding values.”

Mr. R K Garg, President, SAI, added, “Mr.  Amandeep   has inspired all of us with his dedication.  I am sure that his noble deeds will motivate others to do such wonderful deed themselves also.”

Under ‘Inspiration of the Month’ RCS and SIA regularly felicitate persons from the tri-city who have done some inspirational, exemplary work. Through this,  they hope to inspire  other citizens to also start putting others before themselves, being compassionate and bringing in the true Rotary spirit of ‘Service Above Self’ in everybody.  A five member Committee  comprising Sneh Popli, Dr. Kuldip Singh, SS Lamba, R K Garg and Aneesh Bhanot shortlist the nominees, based on media reports, and decide on the final Awardee of each month.

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