3 Days ‘The Great Indian Book Tour’ concluded at CGC Landran

Chandigarh, February 8, 2020: After entertaining the book lovers for 3 days Spartan Poker ‘The Great Indian Book Tour’ was concluded at CGC Landran on February 7. Hundreds of literature lovers attended the events on the final day.


Talking about her book ‘The Temple Stop’ author Harinder Cheema said that the literature is the mirror to the society and a great medium to educate and communicate the masses about the happening in the society. She criticized the ill practices being happening in the society through her book. She said that the book is not just a usual love story but the story of soldiers who laid down their lives protecting the borders of country.


Renowned lawyer Shiv Partap Singh Mann unveiled Sonia Sahijwani’s book ‘Yours Legally’.  “My self experiences while studying law made me write the book as these happening had a great sense of human belongingness. I never thought that these usual happening will one day turn into such an interesting book that would attract the book lovers.” She said.


While asking youngsters to take entrepreneurship as an option of profession, author of ‘A Marketplace for Murder’ Dablina Majumdar said that one must not suppress his/her passion but should take it further with great enthusiasm to excel in the field. While talking about her book, she said that mystery writing is such an interesting area if the person has that nose for thrills.  “Events keep on happening leaving behind many interesting stories but the writer has to connect that dots and make it a package for readers.” She said.


The author of ‘2047 The Unifier’ Rashmi Trivedi while talking about her book said that the book is based on the love affair of an Indian boy and a Pakistani girl. Taking it further, to make them meet she has concocted the story of reunion of India and Pakistan. “Novel is conceived in mind, written straight from heart and dream of impossible. The whole story will leave the readers in tears as the Indo-Pak Relation has been depicted in a different prospect.” She said.

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