50 children provided with Steel Utensils by NSS, PU

Chandigarh, October 4, 2020: The NSS, Panjab University marked the ‘Joy of Giving’ Week at its South campus sector 25, Chandigarh with children of migrant construction workers.
This unique initiative was led by Dr Gaurav Gaur, NSS program officer alongwith his two NSS volunteers Kavneet Singh and Jaskirat Kaur.
Before conducting this event, a need based survey of the different construction sites was conducted to identify the exact needs of these families, especially children.
During this survey the need of utensils was identified.
Afterwards, it was decided to provide these children with steel utensils, so that they can have their food in a proper manner.
All these children were provided with a new steel plate, spoon and a glass and all these items were sponsored by a senior Professor serving at Panjab University only.
There was no end of excitement and happiness for these children as it came as a surprise for all of them.
“Now, my hands would be safe and I won’t feel hot because I can keep my chapatis in the plate,” said Seema, one of the beneficiary child from the lot.
Another boy, Shiva, said, “We can use our mug for bathing now, as I have a glass to drink water.”
All of them were amazed with the surprise.
Gaurav Gaur thanked the Professor for this wonderful gesture and the volunteers for making it possible.
To utilize this occasion in the best possible manne, Kavneet and Jaskirat also demonstrated them the correct way of hand washing.

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