How do you achieve success? Tough times come to everybody in life … how do you accept challenges with a smile and leapfrog over them to attain new heights of happiness and prosperity ! The life-stories in this book could be invaluable for you and may help you kick-start your future in a positive, successful manner. In this book, read about some extremely successful personalities- their positive way of thinking, their dynamism and complete commitment to ethics and integrity of the highest standards. Personalities include:

Ms. Neerja Bhanot (India); Mr. Pawan Singh (Dubai);Mr. L K Gupta (India); Ms. Melissa Monteiro (Australia); Ms. Deepi Singh (USA); Mr. Inder Singh (USA); Dr. Jagat Ram (India); Mr. Anuraj Sandhu (India); Mr. Parmjit Singh Nayyar (India); Dr. Ravi Rao (India); Mr. Shiv Kumar Sharma (India); Mr. Vinod Rajpaul (India); Ms. Shabana Azmi (India); Mr. Ashok Dutta (New Zealand); Mr. Jitendra Bhargava (India); Mr. Maninder Singh (India); Dr. Sat Dev Batish (USA); Dr. Arun Kumar Grover (India); Mr. Ajit Someshwar (Canada); Ms. Sucheta Shetty Rodrigues (UK)

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