A total of 2,13,830 patients cured of COVID-19, Recovery Rate: 54.13%

New Delhi, June 20, 2020: During the last
24 hours, a total of 9,120
COVID-19 patients have
been cured.
Thus, so far, a total of
2,13,830 patients have been
cured of COVID-19.
The recovery rate is
Presently, there are
1,68,269 active cases and all
are under active medical
The number of government
labs has been increased to
715 and private labs has been
increased to 259 ( total of
974). The break-up is:
Real-Time RT PCR based
testing labs: 543 (Govt: 350
+ Private: 193)
TrueNat based testing labs :
356 (Govt: 338 + Private: 18)
CBNAAT based testing
labs : 75 (Govt: 27 + Private:
In the last 24 hours,
1,89,869 samples were tested.
The total number of samples
tested thus far is
A 20 year woman, resident
of Bapudham has tested positive
for nCoV

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