A weak or a strong culture: The choice is ours!

by R K Garg
Chandigarh, July 9, 2020: Normally, from
‘weak’ we understand that the person
is physically weak and cannot
perform laborious work.
From ‘strong’, we feel, the person
can perform hard work very
So, it is all physical strength
Let us go a little far from our
physical capabilities and talk
about efficiency.
In this modern era, when every
thing is going digital, mental agility,
shrewdness and understanding
has become even more important
As important is our social and
behavioral approach.
The persons having an agenda or
self interest are normally very
weak as they are always having an
issue with their own self.
These are the persons most likely
to have very good power and status,
but they are always suspicious
about not only others but themselves
as they lack self-confidence
in reality – though they show a lot
of confidence to the world.
These are persons who are
always extra careful of their self
esteem and money.
On the other hand, the people
who may be little not so well-off
but work selflessly and continue to
do sustained efforts are always full
of confidence hence the real winners.
Of course, they may not be so
rich, powerful and resourceful but
they are the most strong people
who are full of self-respect and
hence successful to the core in
their own esteem and these are the
persons who create history.
These persons beget respect but
are not popular among the powersthat-
be but they are heard because
of the selfless deeds that they do.
We are a democratic society
where popularity gets you strength
and power.
The selfless people who get the
work done are certainly heard but
may not be respected from the core
core of the heart of evey one
The selfish people make all out
efforts to lead a better worldly life
and they are always under pressure
to ensure their well bein and
Selfless people are, however,
always fearless and remain strong
and lead a very satisfactory life
which is not necessarily very popular
or successful.
So whether we create history or
lead a good life, the Choice is
(The views expressed are personal
of the author. If you wish to
express your opinion, contact R K
Garg at rtichd27@gmail.com)

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