Are you munching late at night?

Do you have a habit of
staying up late at night?
Do you crave for junk
food and end up overeating
stuff while in bed?
Then you are certainly
opening ways for gaining
extra pounds on the pack.
Here’s why you are
munching too late at night.
• Insufficient Afternoon
Meal – Having meals inappropriately
in the afternoon
or evening that do not completely
fill your stomach
may make you crave for late
night snacking.
• Long Gap Between
Meals – Skipping of meals
or a long gap between consecutive
meals may also
make you crave for extra
carbs at night.
• Fatigue – Your tiredness
in the body may make you
feel hungrier as it slows
down the secretion of hormones
that make you feel
• Mood Change – After a
long tiring day, we usually
look for something which is
satisfying and helps to make
our mood better. So, we prefer
to eat what is usually our
favorite in terms of junk.
• Negativity -When you
are surrounded with numerous
negative thoughts, you
crave more for sugars especially
refined sugars that add
to your calorie intake.
Since late night snacking
is usually when you jump on
to your bed, this may further
trap these extra calories to
Mindless snacking is a
way of dealing with negative
emotions and feelings.
• Deficit Of Good
Hormones – Good hormones
are released when
you have a happy positive
But when we are stressed,
cortisol levels can raise
which can lead to cravings
of high carbohydrate, fatty
or salty foods to release ‘feel
good’ hormone in the
• Not Choosing The
Right Plate – Your plate
should be a balanced meal.
You should consume food
that provides you with the
benefits of all the macronutrients
that include
Carbohydrates, Proteins and
Fats as well as
Micronutrients that include
Vitamins and Minerals.
So your food has a great
impact on your overall
Stop packing on extra
pounds day and night and
switch to food that helps you
enhance your energy during
this exhausting summer season.
The calorie counts with
each food you eat, do not let
it stay In your belly.
So jump on and munch
Stay connected to know
the healthier snacks you can
opt for your late night
Send your queries for
further diet consultation
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