Artistes’ write to administration on plight, get no response

Chandigarh, July 9, 2020: With the COVID 19 pandemic raging on, the worst impacted groups have been artistes in the performing arts and artists engaged in and propagating any kind of visual art form.

COVID 19 has resulted in a situa-tion of utmost distress for them.

The reason: they cannot showcase their art forms in front of audiences as congregations are not allowed and this has hit their primary source of income hard.

In an endeavor to bring back ‘the-atre, folk artistes and visual artist-s’on an even keel,’The Narrators’- a city-based performing arts group – has initiated a unique online cam-paign ‘Save The Art & The Artiste’.

Nisha Luthra, co-founder of ‘The Narrators’ said, “We have initiated this online campaign with the col-laboration of other art and theatre organizations of the tricity.

‘The Narrators’ which is associat-ed with ‘Tricity Artists’ Association’ has a list of more than 100 artistes within the tricity who are mainly engaged in theatre or are in the cre-ative and performing fields.

The association has apprised vari-ous cultural and government depart-ments about the plight of artistes in performing arts as also visual artists.

This has been done through a let-ter written to the Department of Cultural Affairs, Haryana, Chandi-garh Sangeet Natak Academy and Chandigarh Administration too, but all this has been in vain, as no one in a position of power has replied to the SOS messages sent to them.”

Meanwhile, the online campaign is providing a digital platform for theatre, folk artistes and musicians, where they are entertaining the audience with their talent in these extraordinarily difficult times.

Nisha Luthra

The online concerts are witness-ing chat sessions, musical concerts with folk artistes as they uphold India’s age-old traditions.

Nisha Luthra added, “We have been helping the needy artistes with nominal amounts for groceries and basic needs. But since the government bodies are not coming forward with any kind of help for our theatre or folk artistes, we planned to turn to digital platforms to help artistes’ stay connected with audiences.”

Nisha urged the audiences to watch the online concerts and con-tribute to reviving the art industry. She also made a fervent appeal to government bodies to come forward and help the artistes in the tricity who are only dependent on their creative skills to make a living.

‘The Narrators’ have held several online sessions, wherein Punjabi folk artistes, Sufi and qawaali artistes, Rajasthani folk groups and a Himachali folk singer mesmerized the online audience with their spell-binding performances.

Nisha summed it up this way, “It is important to save art and artistes’ as art is the only way to uplift the spirit of the nation during these try-ing times.”

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