Ayurveda is re-emerging, says expert

Chandigarh, July 28, 2020: A tricity based Ayurveda expert and motivational speaker – Acharya Manish- uses age-old therapies of Ayurveda to promote the 5000 years old Vedic science.

Acharya Manish has founded ‘Shuddhi Ayurveda’ an Ayurvedic Clinic & Research Centre at Zirakpur which is helping patients adopt Ayurveda to counter disease.

Acharya Manish said,“The sad part is that even in the land where Ayurveda was born –India the science has always been given lesser importance than Allopathy. But now due to benefits people are witnessing from Ayurveda i, it is again getting recognition and it is a matter of time before Ayurveda becomes a preferred treatment protocol in India.”

He highlighted, “In Ayurveda natural herb based medicines like Neem and Giloy have high antiviral properties. Then medicinal herbs like elaichi, dalchini are there which have antioxidant properties. Tulsi, pepper and shunthi are also helpful Medicines made using these ingredients are benefitting patients.”

To promote Ayurveda as a way of life and to make the saying ‘Vocal for Local’ a reality in India’s healthcare sector, Acharya Manish has chalked out an ambitious expansion plan.

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