‘AYUSH for Immunity Campaign’ launched by Ministry of AYUSH

New Delhi, August 14, 2020: The Ministry of AYUSH launched a three-month campaign on “Ayush for Immunity” today, through webinar in which more than 50 thousand people participated.
The keynote address was by spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravisankar, wherein he stated that Ayush solutions could lead the entire world to healthier and happier lives.
The Webinar was staged on Ayush Virtual Convention Centre (AVCC), the new digital communication platform of the Ministry.
The event was also streamed live on the official Facebook handle of Ministry of AYUSH and observed a total live viewership of 60,000 people.
The other key speakers included Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary, Ministry of AYUSH; Milind Soman, celebrity and fitness icon; Dr.Geetha krishnan, Technical Officer, WHO; and Prof. Tanuja Nesari, Director, AIIA.
Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar spoke about the need to enhance immunity and the requirement of a lifestyle change in the current scenario.
He presented a larger vision of the potential life-enhancing influence of Ayurvedic and other Ayush practices.
Secretary of Ministry of AYUSH, Rajesh Kotecha elaborated on the theme of the event, i.e. accessible and affordable health for all, through Ayush solutions.
He emphasized on the need for behavioural change in people towards immunity enhancing steps, and highlighted the evidence which have established the positive role of traditional medicines and practices in enhancing immunity.
He mentioned various initiatives that the Ministry is planning to launch under the umbrella of the “Ayush for Immunity” campaign.
Milind Soman shared his views regarding health and fitness and encouraged citizens to practice healthy living which he said, requires minimal but steady effort.
Prof Tanuja Nesari shared the recent experiences of All India Institute of Ayurveda in preventive and curative activities as part of the fight against Covid-19.
The set of evidence which she touched upon was of considerable interest to the audience.
Dr.Geetha krishnan, Technical Officer, WHO, spoke on the concept of health in relation to the pandemic and how setting up good infrastructure and adopting effective communication are crucial for avoiding spread of diseases and ill health.
Public engagement and interaction were high in the webinar, through Q&A sessions in between presentations. Questions asked by various attendees were addressed by the Panel of experts for the event.
The panel included Prof.Vd. K.S, Dhiman, Director General, Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences ; Dr. Ishwar V. Basavaraddi, Director, Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga ; Dr.Satyalakshmi Komarraju, Director, National Institute of Naturopathy; Dr. Padma Gurmet, Director, National Research Institute for Sowa-Rigpa ; Dr.Raghvendra M. Rao, Director, Central Council for Research in Yoga & Naturopathy ; Prof.Asim Ali Khan, Director General, Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine ; Dr K. Kanakavalli, Director General, Central Council for Research in Siddha and Dr. Anil Khurana, Director General Incharge, Central Council for Research in Homeopathy .
The experts addressed the questions and highlighted the key steps that can be taken to remain healthy through simple practices.
They shared their experiences and findings, within a scientific framework, with the public.
As the key objective of the event was to acquaint the people with valuable information about strengths of various Ayush-based solutions for enhancing immunity and preventing diseases, the event concluded with a final immunity message for the citizens from each expert.
These messages revealed how simple measures adopted in daily lives can go a long way in preventing diseases.

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