BCCI clears full payment to UTCA players

Chandigarh, September 28, 2020: UT Cricket Association announced that BCCI has made full payment directly to UTCA players of their last played season.
A total of Rs 5.10 Crores was distributed amongst 212 players who had played in all 13 tournaments last season in the seven formats of men and women.
Sanjay Tandon, President, UTCA stated in a press release that 136 men and 76 women have played in the last season for which the total payment of Rs 4,33,29,250 was paid directly to the players accounts from BCCI after taxes deduction of Rs 5.10 crores.
However, UTCA is pressing hard on BCCI for the clearance of support staff bills.
The BCCI has communicated to UTCA to suitably reduce the support staff bills due to curtailed season and extraordinary circumstances.
This is the first time, only due to the recognition with BCCI, so many youngsters playing cricket were financially benefited.
The families of players extended their gratitude to UTCA officials

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