BCCI pays Rs. 2.17 crs to UTCA

Chandigarh, September 6, 2020: The BCCI has made part payment of the first season played by the UT Cricket Association (UTCA).
UTCA President Sanjay Tandon carried out this task in constant contact with BCCI officials during the lockdown period.
The BCCI paid Rs 2.17 crore out of a total outstanding of Rs 4.33 crore to UTCA, which has been further allocated for the Ranji Trophy, Women’s Senior T20 and Vijay Hazare format players, officials and other management expenses.
Sanjay Tandon said that from the last week of March to the recent days of lockdown, the entire functioning of the BCCI has been affected due to Covid 19, which has led to the pending payment process of state associations.
Out of the total payment amount of Rs 2.17 crore, Rs 1.64 crore was distributed in Ranji format while around Rs 39 lakh was distributed for Vijay Hazare Trophy.
The remaining Rs 14 lakh was paid to Women’s Seniors T20.
However, Rs 2.16 crore is yet to be paid by the BCCI.
In the last season, UTCA fielded its teams in 13 formats at their home grouns as well as away grounds.
Tandon assured that the remaining payments of ten formats would be made soon.

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