BJP Chandigarh announces Conveners and Co-Conveners of Cells, others

Chandigarh, August 29, 2020: BJP Chandigarh State President, Arun Sood, today announced Conveners & Co-Conveners of Cells , Department Incharge and President of Scheduled Tribe (ST) Morcha.
This information was provided by the party’s State General secretary Ramvir Bhatti.
He said that as per the Constitution of the Bharatiya Janata Party, 6 out of 7 morchas had already been formed and Arun Sood after appointing Sardari Lal as State President of Scheduled Tribes (ST) Morcha has formed all the 7 Morchas.
Similarly out of the 12 cells, 5 cells have been constituted as per the National Level Cells criteria and one State level cell has also been formed.
Arun Sood has appointed Brijeshwar Jaswal as Convener and Ashok Chauhan as Co-convener of the Legal Cell, Prince Bhandula as Convener of the Medical Cell, Harjit Singh Manimajra as Convener and Swarn Singh as Co Convener of the Co-operative Cell, Bhupinder Sharma as Convener of Uttarakhand Cell, Pradeep Bansal as Convener and Sanjeev Grover as Co-convener of Trader Cell, Dr. Urmil Bharti as Convener and Ravinder Ravi as Co Convener of Art and Culture Cell and Tahir Khan as Convener of the Fisheries Cell.
Apart from this, Arun Sood also appointed Rahul Sharma as Convener of the Good Governance department .
Speaking about all the above appointments, Arun Sood said that after the announcement of the Scheduled Tribe Morcha today, the party has constituted all the seven Morchas at State level as per National level criteria.
Similarly, he said, 5 out of 12 Cells have been formed as per criteria of National level cells and remaining National level and State level cells will also be formed soon, he added
He said that as per the constitution of the Bharatiya Janata Party, there are provisions for the formation of Cells, Departments and Projects at the State level.
It is a result of the far-reaching thinking of the party that the ideology of the party is to be propagated through heads of every class and section of society.
Due to this thinking, cells and departments have been constituted while considering several important sections of society.
Accordingly, the party selects those people who are directly or indirectly connected to that particular area.
BJP Chandigarh State President today formed all these cells, departmemts and morchas so that the BJP can be promoted among more people and groups in Chandigarh.
Speaking about the newly appointed office-bearers, he said that all the people who have been appointed today have already served the party while holding many important posts in the past and through their experience, wisdom and far-sighted thinking the party is bound to get strengthened.

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