Blue Star launches Room AC with Virus Deactivation Technology

Chandigarh, October 12, 2020: Blue Star Limited, the flagship company of air conditioning and commercial refrigeration, has announced the launch of a wide range of products and solutions with Virus Deactivation Technology (VDT).
Blue Star’s new range of products and solutions with Virus Deactivation Technology (VDT) have the ability to eradicate viruses, including COVID-19 (SARS-COV), with 99.9 percent efficacy when air passes through these systems.
Blue Star’s new range of Virus Deactivation Technology roducts and solutions include room AC with ‘Living guard’ filter, in which the virus becomes inactive when it passes through the filter, room AC with UVGI in which the virus is inactivated when air UV lamps pass through contact.
Living guard ‘Ducted AC comes with a filter in which the virus becomes inactive when air passes through the filter inside the indoor unit.
Ducted AC with UVGI is such a technology in which the virus is inactivated when air passes through a pass exposed to the UV lamp installed inside the indoor unit.
The UVC Tower with Ozone Generation, which includes Intelligent, Moveable and CE Certified UV Towers, dynamically calculates the doses required to inactivate viruses and bacteria.
Blue Star Limited Managing Director B. Thiagarajan said on the occasion that virus deactivation technology provides additional protection from viruses including COVID-19 (SARS-COV) in air-conditioned space. In addition to being completely safe for humans, the above technology also provides components that are non-hazardous, environmentally friendly, certified and approved worldwide.
The new range of products and solutions, when used by government-mandated safety protocols, will provide additional protection to humans inside air-conditioned locations.
He informed that Virus Deactivation Technology will be a part of the company’s new class of solutions designed specifically keeping in mind the pandemic.
Most components of virus deactivation technology have also been designed to easily fit into both the central and unitary systems of existing AC systems in the region.
This Virus Deactivation Technology solution will be useful for all air conditioning applications in all homes, ATMs, showrooms, restaurants, offices, or large business locations such as malls, cinema theaters, and airports.

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