Bol Bachchan

While Corona cases are spreading all around, we need to be more and more cautious.

But this caution has to be a very calculated one from all angles.

After Amitabh Bachchan and his family have been declared positive, we need to think once again.

We all know Amitabh Bachchan – he is a thoroughly disciplined per-son and Brand Ambassador of the Government for Social Work, including COVID 19.

He has been guiding us all along.

Inspite of being so cautious, how could he also suffer from the deadly Corona?

Similarly, the family of our famous Anupam Kher have also been found positive.

As such it is observed that people may be cautious and over cautious but they still can suffer from Corona.

One view is that people who are hardworking with immunity are most safe.

I am willing to agree to this as most of the labour class who are doing physical labour are more and more safe or do not suffer much, whereas persons confined to their houses and not exposed at all are more likely to be positive.

But one thing should be very clear to all of us that anyone can suffer or may be suffering from Corona, as such we all need to be careful.

These days, I often see people hanging their mask on their ears or hanging on their chins or more fancy masks being carried like small purses.

We think nothing will happen in just two minutes.

But the moral is – that we need to learn to live with Corona without fear but with utmost care.

A balance between caution, care and fear will be the best option for all of us.

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