Breathe ‘Life’ Into Your Life

by Deepak Chopra

Life is a beautiful journey, in which some co-passengers are God given, some we choose and some we get associated with for a reason or a season, who ultimately disembark while their memories are etched in our mind.

There are different perceptions of life. For sev-eral people, partying with friends is life.

For some, drawing a handsome salary, driving a swanky car and owning a beach house is life.

Some may argue having a beautiful life partner and intelligent kids is life.

The list is endless and opinions can be as diverse as races and cultures on this planet.

But at a much deeper level, life is the breath we take in.

Just try to hold your breath after exhaling. A couple of seconds later, all your senses will get weaned away from the BMWs, Audis and MERCs. All the beautiful faces at the bar and the disc will fade away. They will all seem so worth-less as compared to our breath.

Or, close your eyes and ears, and go underwa-ter. You will jump out gasping for breath.

Essentially, we experience life every moment we breathe in. Setbacks or failures are just events, just as success is. Both of these are inter-woven just as oxygen and carbon dioxide in our breathing pattern. Without either of them you cannot appreciate the other.

The valleys of life are the greatest teachers. They indicate that you are treading the wrong path. They serve as a lighthouse to change course. They serve as a compass to guide us to the coordinates of success.

Many tend to go down the spiral of depression. They lose the spirit to bounce back on their feet and start walking. Feel blessed that life has made you bend at the knees, for that is how you pray to God. It has only driven you closer to Him.

In bad times do not Perish… instead Cherish every moment, for it is during a downturn that you really evolve. It takes your endurance limits up by several notches. It is the rough seas that make a good sailor. For you can never plough a field by turning it upside down in your mind.

Whatever is happening is as per the design of the Divine. We only upset it by forcing our will.

Live every moment. Experience Him in every moment.

Love yourself. Breathe life into your life with every breath. Let each breath rejuvenate your zeal to live a meaningful life.

Chandigarh based Deepak Chopra is Author of the books: The Secrets of Success and Mantras for Inner Peace

A must-read book : Guruji – 21 Shades of Divinity: A narrative of the author’s expe-riences in his solitude during the lock-down – of his encounters with different shades of Divinity emerging from his experiences, observations and emotions in his solitude.

It encapsulates the purity of his devo-tion. It will inspire all to come back to it – to rekindle the flame of love and passion for life, to go a notch deeper into spiritu-ality – with Guruji.

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