Career Guide in Home Science: Extending knowledge through service

by Anupreet Kaur Sobti
Home Science is a multidisciplinary field of knowledge.
Home Scientists in this dynamic field are renovating innovation in all the extraordinary fields of Home Science i.e. Food and Nutrition, Human Development and Family Relations, Apparel and Textile Designing, Interior Designing and Resource Management and a composite stream combining all these fields of education.
The course also includes a basic knowledge of Extension Education, Economics and Entrepreneurship Development, Zoology, Botany, Physics and Chemistry. Home Scientists utilize their skills to re-invent innovation by transforming the ideas, attitudes, interest and values of an individual.
They help promote the moral, familial and spiritual aspects of family living.
Extending Knowledge through Service
Extension education is a science which deals with the creation, transmission and application of knowledge designed to bring about planned changes in the behaviour complex of people; with a view to help them live better by learning the ways of improving their vocations, enterprises and institutions.
Through the educational and services approach people are stimulated to make changes that result in more efficient production and marketing of farm products, conservation of natural resources, more comfortable homes, improved health and more satisfying family and community life.
The modern concept of Extension Education is the means of achieving community development, includes several facets and subject matter fields.
It is thus a process in which human behaviour is modified towards a desirable end.
Hence, the extension education is to extend, spread or disseminate useful information and ideas to the rural/urban population outside the routine school and classroom education.
Scope of this field in various areas is
• Increasing efficiency in agricultural production
• Increasing management on work places as well as homes
• Conservation, development and use of natural resources
• Better family living
• Modernization and use of latest technology in various fields
• Improving economic condition of farmers
• Community development
• Improving public affairs for all round development.

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