Career Guide in Home Science: Finding a way to Nutrition

by Anupreet Kaur Sobti
Home Science is a multidisciplinary field of knowledge.
Home Scientists in this dynamic field are bringing innovation in all the extraordinary fields of Home Science i.e. Food and Nutrition, Human Development and Family Relations, Apparel and Textile Designing, Interior Designing and Resource Management and a Composite stream combining all these fields of education.
The course also includes a basic knowledge of Extension Education, Economics and Entrepreneurship Development, Zoology, Botany, Physics and Chemistry.
Home Scientists utilize their skills to re-invent innovation by transforming the ideas, attitudes, interest and values of an individual.
They help promote the moral, familial and spiritual aspects of family living.
Finding a way to Nutrition:
It is rightly said, “The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”
Food and nutrition as a subject emphasizes on ideas, interdisciplinary mindset, collaborative thinking and the commitment to apply the knowledge to resolve various societal dilemmas related to Food and Nutrition security.
Since India has long been facing double burden of malnutrition problem i.e. both under nutrition and over nutrition, the specialists in this stream play a significant role in designing different nutritional interventions to address malnutrition issues on a large scale.
Not only this, the health, physiological characteristics, nutritional requirements and nutritional care of people belonging to various life stages and varied age groups is also being taken care of.
It is one of the most applied and interdisciplinary subject in our present educational system.
Moreover, in the light of changing time, trends and vocationalization, there is increased awareness and rising concern about health and eating habits; thus the field of nutrition and dietetics is gaining a lot of importance day by day.
With each minute, counting on another form of a disease and increasing cases of diseased due to faulty eating habits, the role of nutritionist has increased many folds.
Scope of Food and Nutrition under Public Health
• Government Sector (Health, Social Welfare department, Food and Nutrition Board, Sports Authority of India etc.)
• Consultants and technical officials from Food and Nutrition background to be appointed at both National and State level to implement Government Programme successfully
• Sports Nutritionists at Government or Autonomous sports organizations
• Developmental NGOs- scope under National and International development sector organizations like UNICEF
• Hospital/ Healthcare field
• Food Service, Institutional catering
• Food and Neutraceutical/Food companies
• Research and Development
• Pharmaceutical companies
• Media and Publishing houses (for producing books, articles, promotions, television programs etc.) on optimum dietary practices
• Private

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