Career Guide in Home Science: Redefining Relationships

by Anupreet Kaur Sobti
Home Science is a multidisciplinary field of knowledge.
Home Scientists in this dynamic field are bringing innovation in all the extraordinary fields of Home Science i.e. Food and Nutrition, Human Development and Family Relations, Apparel and Textile Designing, Interior Designing and Resource Management and a Composite stream combining all these fields of education.
The course also includes a basic knowledge of Extension Education, Economics and Entrepreneurship Development, Zoology, Botany, Physics and Chemistry.
Home Scientists utilize their skills to re-invent innovation by transforming the ideas, attitudes, interest and values of an individual.
They help promote the moral, familial and spiritual aspects of family living.
Redefining relationships:
The major objective of studying Human Development and Family Relations is to provide students with an integrated knowledge and interdisciplinary understanding of family relationships and development of oneself as an individual over the life course.
It thus prepares students for a career in public and private human service agencies.
It lays emphasis on learning to help individuals and family to understand the needs, different developments, challenges, issues of concern and possible remedies or steps for different stages of human development and family relations.
Thus, the curriculum is broadly organized into two conceptual domains i.e. Human Development and Family Studies.
This includes Masters of the principles of human development and an understanding of the key developmental task of each stage of life, depth and understanding in one or more of the developmental stages, with particular emphasis on the family as a context for human development.
Scope of this field:
• Social worker
• Children, youth and family services worker
• Marriage and family therapist
• Rehabutiation Counsellor
• School physiologist
• Youth workers
• Adult literacy
• Health educators
• Day-care or pre school/elementary/ high school teachers
• Career and technical education teacher
• Occupational therapist
• Child life therapist
• Child life specialist
• Public health administrator
• Survey researcher
• Professors
• Private… etc.

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