Cause of Senior Citizens and appeal to all concerned stakeholders

by R K Garg
Recently, two Senior Citizens reportedly committed suicide, one by drowning in the Sukhna Lake and other fired a bullet on himself from his own weapon.

After they were found dead, their kin disclosed that they were depressed during this crisis period.

In these two cases it was observed that the kin were living with them but the seniors were

depressed in spite of that.
I remember that the police department, during the curfew period, came forward in a big way, contacted seniors regularly and even supplied what they needed at their doorstep although, really speakimg, that was the personal duty and responsibility of their family members.

But, after opening of the lock down, this practice was discontin-ued while Social Welfare Depart-ment also reportedly did nothing beyond opening of a Helpline which was helpful but did nothing for the silent sufferers.

From our experience while deal-ing with Senior Citizens, it is seen that in many cases Seniors suffer due to the behaviour and approach of their children and those who live alone are many a times found suffering due to loneliness.

Both ways, Seniors are at the receiving end – either they suffer due to loneliness or they suffer due to bad behaviour.

It is also felt that the root cause is financial issues and property rights.

When parents, while they are still alive, hand over all rights to their children and distribute all they have between them, then they suf-fer at the hands of children for petty things and, in many cases, they are forced to agree to the terms of the children who want the parents to give all they have.

Recently a lot of parents, under the fear of Covid, made their Wills for the money and properties they had, either on their own or encouraged by their children.

Unless a balance between rela-tions is maintained, the parents are likely to suffer.

The best example of this I will give here is of a very Senior Citi-zen who lived for more than 90 years.

He made his Will and recorded all his desires, made a packet of all the documents and handed it over to a lawyer friend in the presence of his family members.

His instructions were clear – that this packet could opened immedi-ately after he dies.

And it was done and he had dis-tributed all his belongings includ-ing his body in such a way that there was no issue at all.

So should all be very careful, maintain balance not only in per-sonal relations but in financial transactions also.

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