CEAT launches ‘Vardhan’

New Delhi, October 6, 2020: CEAT Specialty (a division of CEAT Ltd) launched its new range of farm tyres “Vardhan”.
Vardhan tyres will be available in 12.4-28, 13.6-28, 14.9-28 & 16.9-28 sizes in tractor rear and 6.00-16, 6.50-20 and 7.50-16 sizes in tractor front.
Vijay Gambhire, Chief Executive of CEAT Specialty said, “With Vardhan, we have an opportunity to serve our customers with an international standard product. Vardhan is designed to perform as reliably in haulage applications as in core farming activities. We are confident that our discerning customers will find in Vardhan a solid, dependable performer they eagerly waited for.”
Vardhan rear’s deep lugs ensure less slippage and provide long tyre life.
Its unique lug deflectors provide puncture protection, reducing the downtime.
The Mud ejectors ensure excellent self-cleaning and its wide tread design leads to larger footprint thereby increasing overall load carrying capacity of the tyre.
Vardhan front is a 4 rib tyre, leading to better load distribution. Its robust shoulder blocks provide excellent traction and grip, the high depth of the ribs will provide long tyre life.
CEAT Specialty offers a wide range of Off Highway tyres for various segments like farming, mining, industrial and construction equipment.

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