Character Building need of modern times for ensuring care of our Elder Parents

by R K Garg
Chandigarh, July 7, 2020: We at the Second Innings Association come across the problems of Senior Experi-enced Citizens.

Some are minor while some are a little serious also.

There are day to day problems which the parents living alone are facing in the normal life. In such problems, neighbors, friends and sometime associations are also helpful in solving the problem.

Moreover, when the parents are staying alone, even though they face hardships, but they are more or less free to take decisions.

Of late, it has come to our notice that the problems being faced by parents living with their children are more serious. Of course in many cases they care also but we have experienced that in many a case the elder parents are being harassed by way of bickering, less or untimely food and biggest of all – the property disputes.

Most of them, being retired Govt Employees and Ex Servicemen have made their houses from their own hard-earned money.

Recently, the parents were forced out of the house by their children and they and remained at the house gate for the whole night.

Earlier also we have seen cases where the parents have been harassed because of property dis-putes – the children want to cap-ture the whole property and throw the parents out.

Why is this happening in our country of such a great culture?

We have always bestowed great regard to our elders but why, of late, have the children become so greedy?

One reason could be that during the last many years, keeping in view the availability of funds and facilities, parents have made all out efforts to provide the best edu-cation to their children and let them get better jobs and lead a better life.

In all this, the children drifted away from the parents.

In their pursuit to get everything in the shortest time, respect for parents got converted into greed for property.

Parents are also responsible for such behaviour of their children, as they never cared for Character Building of their children.

We have certain laws to protect the interest of the Senior Citizens but that is not adequate as frail parents are not able to fight a pro-longed legal battle and the law is not very proactive and prompt.

As such, to save the parents, moral education via Character Building is required. Parents have to secure their interest and not forego everything in their love for children.

(The views expressed are person-al of the author. If you wish to express your opinion, contact R K Garg at

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