Do fad diets really work?

When we think of losing
weight, we wait for ‘tomorrow’
and upcoming
Mondays or for New Year to
make hard core resolutions.
We plan to hit the gym
harder and follow extraordinary
trendy diets that leave
us starving or work successfully
for only a short period
of time till we follow them
and then give results that are
We run after the instant
packs of weight loss targets
and pills that we assume can
fulfill our nutritional
But these leave us
These diets are undoubtedly
unsustainable and make
us hollow inside.
Here are a few Fad Diets
that ‘don’t really work’
• Gluten Free Diet
Gluten is just a protein
present in wheat, barley, rye
and other grain relatives.
The National Wheat
Foundation considers this
diet craze as ‘Fad diet of the
A gluten free diet must
only be followed by people
suffering from Celiac disease,
while a normal being
away from gluten allergy
can consume gluten.
Following a gluten free
diet may lead to reduced
intake of necessary nutrients
but enhance intake of fats
and sugars that have comparatively
higher calories
thus may cause weight gain
instead of weight loss!
• Meal replacement
Shakes that guarantee
weight loss, guarantee short
term goals only.
People believe in these
brands as they hear of success
stories of weight loss
and more so in just a few
days or months.
But there is something that
these replacement shakes
don’t teach you – a life-long
way of healthy eating.
There’s nothing that can
beat the organic way of losing
weight using what
nature serves you right at
your kitchen.
• Low Fat Diet
People surround a great
myth that ‘Fats are bad for
But, the fact is that ‘Only
saturated fats are bad for
Not all fats included in
your diet are bad, some are
essential for your body to be
Thus a low fat diet may
make you feel energy deficit
and may not provide you
with appropriate results in
the long run.
• Liquid diet
Rethink your strategy if
you have opted for a liquid
diet to make yourself thinner.
Most liquids lack essential
proteins and fiber needed
by our body.
These cannot purely fulfill
our energy requirements too
and fail in the long term.
Moreover, chewing helps
us feel satisfied, so count on
feeling hungry.
• Elimination diet
Undoubtedly, many of us
opt for this diet to lose the
extra weight we carry.
But with this, we tend to
lose the energy, protein and
essential fats and other necessary
nutrients needed by
our body.
Due to lack of nutrition
education, we end up with
deficiency diseases.
This diet may reverse its
effect if we get back to our
normal diet.
Remember, Moderation is
the key.

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