Don’t drench your Health in rain

The onset of monsoon brings joy and relief from the scorching heat.
It reminds us of the pleasant smell of wet soil, the unbeatable beauty of pouring rain, the heart melting sight of blooming flowers and upbeat sounds of the thundering skies.
But not only this, it brings along the risk of weakened digestion, allergies and food borne diseases.
The damp and filthy conditions in monsoon play host to various diseases that may lower the health of your body.
Adding to this, the humidity levels take a toll on overall health.
Our gut plays a significant role in protecting and sustaining the overall health of our body, thus it is important to keep our gut healthy this monsoon.
• Take your hands off street food – Street food can be a host to bacteria that can cause severe stomach infection. Thus avoid having street food or food which is uncovered for long. Prefer water from sealed water bottles or water purifiers.
• Avoid heavy food – Do not eat heavy food no matter how irresistible they are, as our weekend digestive system may not be able to handle heavy food and may cause problems like bloating, gas, acidity and indigestion.
• Avoid fizzy drinks, opt for fresh fruit juices made at home – Fizzy drinks may lead to mineral loss which is undesirable on an already weakened digestion. On the other hand fresh fruit juices at home will help you gain back your lost energy.
• Healthy vegetables – Make sure all vegetables and fruits are healthy and seasonal. Avoid leafy vegetables as their damp surface may make them highly susceptible to germs.
• Eat in moderation – Do not over fill your stomach as it may also lead to weakened digestion.
• Drink herbal teas and load up on probiotics – Herbal teas like chammomile and green tea help improve digestion and strengthen immunity. Probiotics contain good gut bacteria that improve digestion and aid nutrient absorption.
• Avoid raw vegetables as they may contain germs causing diseases.
• Eat less refined sugar as it may cause inflammation and promotes the growth of bad bacteria and upsets the gut floral balance.
Let this monsoon be a happy experience.
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