Eat Healthy

by Sangeeta Jain
It is indeed very impor-tant to eat Healthy …

So how do you eat healthy? It’s very impor-tant to plan ahead, else most probably you would run out of inspiration for what to prepare when you’re having all your meals at home. Planning meals in advance could also help you keep only the necessary ingredients and not overstock – something which is good for you and everybody else.

Sector News brings you a healthy recipe a day. Today’s recipe is by Sangeeta Jain, a Science Teacher in SKV Govt. School, Delhi.


1. Easy to prepare
2. Very less ingredients needed normally available at home.

3. Best to pack in children’s tiffin box and to take while travelling.

4. Stays fresh for a whole day or even for two days.

5. Can be consumed as a complete meal or evening snack with tea/coffee or as a sweet dish.


1. Wheat Flour – 2 cups
2. Sugar – 1 cup/according to taste

3. Milk – 1 cup
4. Fennel Seeds (Saunf) – 1 teaspoon

5. Desi Ghee – 1 tablespoon
6. Oil – for shallow frying
7. Water

1. Heat milk to boil. Add sugar and fennel seeds and mix well. Keep it aside to cool down.

2. Take wheat flour in a bowl.

3. Add desi ghee. Add milk

and sugar mixture. Mix well.
4. Add water slowly and knead the smooth dough. Keep aside for ½ hour.

5. Take a medium sized ball and roll to a small roti with a rolling pin.

6. Place the roti on

pre heated tawa. Keep the flame to low medium.

7. Spread oil on both sides of the roti like a paratha.

8. Cook till both sides are brown.

Serve with white butter and mango pickle


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