Feminist Philosophy of Science discussed at PUAA Webinar

Chandigarh, July 7, 2020: Panjab University Alumni Association, in collaboration with Women in Science (WISE), organ-ized a Webinar on ‘Feminist Philosophy of Science’ by Mayuri Dutt who is the Founder Headmistress of Barsat Indira Gandhi Memo-rial High School.

Presently she is mentoring schools in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. She is a resource person with CBSE.

Dutt began by explaining different feminist perspec-tives on science and how they arise. She gave examples of many prominent women scientists. She dis-cussed their challenges and contributions.

Some of the women scien-tists discussed were Ann Tsukamoto, Nancy Johnson, Maria Beasley, Rosalinf Franklin, Marie Curie. Many Indian women scientists and their individual contributions were also discussed. Dr Indi-ra Hinduja, Darshan Ran-ganathan, Shubha Tole, Tessy Thomas are just to name a few.

Dutt stressed that even though the achievements of women scientists are often overlooked they have made huge contributions in the world of science.

Towards the end of the ses-sion there was an interesting quiz on feminism and the attendees participated enthusiastically. Dutt ended the presentation with motivating quotes about women.

Prof. Deepti Gupta, Dean Alumni Relations and Prof. Archana Bhatnagar spoke about the conception of WISE, its aims and pur-pose.The webinar ended with a vote of thanks from Dr. Nishima Wangoo.

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