First on-line meeting held of UIET, PU and Nottingham Trent University

Chandigarh, July 11, 2020: The first on-line meeting was held at University Institute of Engineering and
Technology(UIET), Panjab University (PU) with Nottingham Trent University (NTU) with respect to taking forward the activities of the Science & Technology Partnership Centre (STPC) that was inaugurated at UIET on Feb 4, 2020.

The meeting had 11 fac-ulty members from NTU, led by Prof Clare Newstead, NTU Global-College Inter-national Manager and Prof Neil Mansfield, Head Engi-neering, College of S & T, and 10 faculty members from Panjab University, guided by Professor Savita Gupta, Director UIET and Professor Rakesh Tuli, Sen-ior Research Advisor, UIET.

Three hours of extensive discussion were held on pri-ority areas. The Meeting was conducted in an elevator pitch style where each par-ticipant pitched his/her best ideas. This was like giving a quick persuasive briefing to colleagues, while spending one minute together in an elevator.

The faculty in engineering and biology from the two universities gave technical details of their dream areas for joint work.

Some of the most promis-ing areas that were identified for synergy in research included implantable med-ical devices, smart sensing prosthesis, wearable external devices, body part regeneration and engineering, systems biology and functional foods.

Given the current limita-tions of physical co-activity, the Consultative Group will converge the twin-university teams around these subjects and conduct area specific on-line meetings through the next three months.

The objective would be to build multi-disciplinary teams that would address complex problems in bio engineering, initially through on line methods like collabo-rative meetings, data analyt-ics, simulation and model-ling through sharing of expertise and computational resources. Once the exchange of personnel becomes feasible, joint labo-ratory training and research will be taken up.

Participants from both the universities were extremely pleased that online tools were being very effective in bringing the sister institutes together in developing new ways of carrying out science and teaching globally.

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