Fixed-gear rider Patrick Seabase tackles five mountain passes in Switzerland

Oberaarsee, October 27, 2020: Cycling 330 kilometres in a day, including climbing 8,500 metres, is hard enough, let alone doing it in just one fixed gear.
But Swiss rider Patrick Seabase did just that, setting off in the darkness at three o’clock in the morning some days ago for the toughest challenge of his career.
Here is all you need to know:
– Seabase is no stranger to tough undertakings from the steep unpaved roads of Eritrea to recreating the turned pedals of the 1910 Tour de France contenders.
– For his latest stunt, unBRAKEable, he chose roads closer to home on a bike designed to race counter-clockwise around a velodrome and with only one gear.
– In all, he crossed five Swiss mountain passes with the temperature fluctuating 28-degrees and facing both steep descents (without brakes too) and harsh headwinds.
– To compensate for the lack of brakes, Seabase was forced to constantly use his legs on the downhill.
He explained: “Riding a track bike is physically and mentally much more demanding. Part of the reason is because the only way to brake is by counter pressing the pedal, blocking the back wheel and sliding on the road.”
– As for the route chosen for unBRAKEable, it was selected in order to go past landmarks – both natural and manmade – that meant a lot to him.
He added: “This route is 100% based on memories, on the beauty of the landscape and architecture. I get a lot of energy out of the cultural milestones I pass by, like the Ganter Bridge for example.”
– He set off from Innertkirchen and then went across the Grimsel and Simplon Passes on his way to Locarno by Lago Maggiore.
He crossed the Gotthard Pass, Furka Pass and the back part of the Grimsel Pass before his finishing point in Oberaarsee. (Red Bull Content)

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