From tonight e-registration for travellers to Punjab made mandatory

Chandigarh, July 6, 2020: After
Chief Minister Captain
Amarinder Singh ruled out
dilution of the 14 day home
quarantine norm for domestic
entrants, in the light of
the high risk posed by those
coming from Delhi/NCR in
particular, the process of eregistration
for all travellers
to the State has been made
mandatory from midnight
Travellers can self-register
online from the comfort of
their homes, as per the
guidelines issued by the
government, and ensure
their hassle-free travel for
The state government has
strongly advised road travellers
entering or transiting
through Punjab to self-register,
either through the
COVA app or through a
weblink- https://cova.punjab.
embarking on the
The objective of e-registration
is to avoid any
inconvenience to the travellers
due to crowding and
long queues at border check
The travellers are advised
to follow the following registration
1. Register yourself and
your co-passengers through
either of two ways:
A. Through Cova App
i. Download ‘COVA App’
on your smartphone from
the Apple App Store or
Android Play Store.
ii. Install the App.
iii.From the Menu choose
‘Self -registration for travel
into/ through Punjab’
iv. Fill in all particulars as
sought and press the ‘Submit”
B.Through a weblink
i. Self-register at
ii.Fill in all particulars as
sought and press the
‘Submi’ button.
iii.Download and Install
Cova App before travelling.
3. After registration the
primary traveller will
receive a confirmation link
through SMS.
4.Click on the link for
5.Take a printout with QR
code on A4 size sheet.
6.For 4/3 wheelers, paste
the printout on the left side
your windscreen or place it
on the dashboard.
7. At the Border Check
Points, staff will scan the
QR code on the printout.
8.This will be followed by
basic medical screening.
9. After successful medical
screening, the process is
In case a passenger
exhibits Covid symptoms,
the health staff at the Border
Check Point will assist and
guide the passenger(s).
For passengers who are
entering the state and not
merely transiting it, after
successfully crossing the
check-point, those who are
asymptomatic will have to
undergo self-quarantine at
their homes for 14 days.
During quarantine, they
will be required to report
their medical status daily
either by calling 112 or
through the Cova App.
In case of symptomatic
passengers, appropriate
instructions will be given at
the check-point, said a government
The spokesperson further
said that all relevant details
about the visitors/residents
coming into Punjab would
be shared with the concerned
Health authorities
and Police Stations through
a real-time alert system.
The concerned Police Stations
would keep a regular
check, both through physical
and technical means
(geo-fencing etc.), on the
incoming visitors at their
given addresses for their
protection and the health
and safety of the people of

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