Godrej introduces Steri-on, India’s first Plasma ion currency sterilizer

Mumbai, October  1, 2020: Godrej Security Solutions (GSS) launched India’s first Plasma Ion based cash sterilizer, ‘Steri-on’ as part of its COVID Defense Security Range of products.
Steri-on uses patented Plasma Ion Cluster technology that releases 19 million ion clusters to sterilize currency in real-time upon detecting notes.
It uses a HEPA filter to collect fine dust (PM 2.5) and takes under 30 seconds to eliminate up to 99.9% bacteria and viruses instead of the prevailing germicide-based methods.
Godrej Security Solutions estimates the addressable health security and safety market for FY-2021 in the country to be around Rs. 450 Crore of which ‘Steri-on’ is estimated to clock in Rs. 30 crores revenue.
Godrej Security Solutions conducted a structured survey of 100 bankers to understand the importance of sterilizing current notes.
The survey highlighted that most bankers felt a strong need to protect themselves especially in times of COVID-19.
84.5% of the respondents are still using hand gloves to protect themselves from exposed currency notes.
70.8% of the respondents highlighted that sanitizing the currency in real-time would be a much more effective way of controlling spread of communicable diseases.
Using Steri-on will reduce the risk of infection in cash-heavy sectors such as Banking, Retail, Gems, and Jewelry where still the primary and preferred mode of transactions is in cash.
Commenting on the launch, Pushkar Gokhale, Head of B2B & Vice President, Godrej Security Solutions said, “We has always been at the forefront of securing our nation through solutions which are made for India. Besides being the Guardians of the Nation’s wealth, we are now expanding our portfolio to safeguard their health. Cash Steri-on will help bank tellers’ count and sterilize currency notes in real-time without impacting the entire cycle of processes. With banks being an essential service and India gradually unlocking, we believe we will help India #EmergeStronger with our trusted range of solutions.”
The Plasma ion cluster is the patented technology of Sharp Japan and several globally leading brands use it for their air purifiers and air conditioners.
Steri-on will be available pan-India at a starting price of Rs. 95,000.

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