Hartek Solar executes Solar plant at Carmel Convent School, Chandigarh

Chandigarh, August 16, 2020: Hartek Solar Pvt Ltd, the rooftop solar division of the Chandigarh-based Hartek Group, installed a 20-kWp rooftop solar plant at Carmel Convent School.
The 20-kWp solar PV project will generate 30,000 units of clean electricity every year, thus offsetting more than 600 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.
Executed by Hartek Solar, the leading rooftop solar installers in India, the plant will meet several day-to-day electricity requirements of Carmel Convent School, which caters to over 2000 students and 100 plus staff. It is equivalent to saving about 50,000 trees.
The rooftop solar plant is equipped with a unique remote sensing technology, which can be linked to Wi-Fi or GPRS SIM card to get alerts on cleaning and maintenance as well as real-time data on energy generation and savings.
The scope of work of the project included installation of solar panels, supply, design and engineering.
Complimenting the school management for contributing to the environmental cause by opting for clean energy, Hartek Solar Director Simarpreet Singh said, “It is heartening that such initiatives are encouraging more and more educational institutions to opt for solar power. Committed to taking up the fight against climate change by contributing to the larger cause of building sustainable energy infrastructure on every roof, we are encouraging more and more educational institutions, religious places, households and commercial establishments to go for rooftop solar installations.”

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