Highest ever number of recoveries recorded in the last 24 hours, 28,472 patients discharged

New Delhi, July 22, 2020: The highest ever recoveries have
been registered in a single day i.e. 28,472.
This is also the highest number of COVID-19
patients cured/discharged in last 24 hours.
With this, the number of patients that have
recovered stands at 7,53,049. This has strongly
boosted the recovery rate among COVID-19
patients to 63.13%.
The constantly increasing number of recovered
patients has further widened the difference with
active cases (4,11,133 today) to 3,41,916. This
difference is showing a progressively growing
upward trend.
While the national recovery rate has improved,
19 States and UTs are posting a recovery rate
higher than the national average.
The consistently increasing number of recovered
persons and growing difference between
active and recovered patients are a testimony
that the strategies adopted by the Centre and
implemented by the State/ UT governments are
bearing desired outcomes.
The primary focus has been on early detection
through house-to-house surveys, surveillance,
contact tracing, effective containment plans,
screening of the vulnerable populace and widespread
The ramped up three-tier health infrastructure
and well executed Standard of Care Protocol
have aided in effective treatment in the hospitals
and through home isolation.
AIIMS, New Delhi along with the Centres of
Excellence in the States/UTs have bolstered the
clinical treatment and critical care of ICU
patients, thereby managing to reduce the Case
Fatality rate in India.
The e-ICU program of AIIMS, New Delhi is
one more avenue of Centre-State cooperation
which is aimed at reducing mortality.
Conducted twice a week, these tele-consultation
sessions have mentored and supported big
COVID-19 hospitals in States through shared
experiences and technical advice from domain
experts in clinical management of ICU patients.
With the dedicated efforts of healthcare workers
the recoveries are improving and case fatality
is continuously falling, which currently stands at

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