United Newspapers

United Newspapers has been involved in the publishing of newspapers and high quality inspirational books for over a decade.  A part of United Newspapers, spurringsuccess.com is based in Chandigarh, India.

All the publications of United Newspapers are dedicated to Neerja Bhanot – the brave Indian cabin crew member who gave up her own life while saving hundreds of others during a Pan Am plane hijack at Karachi Airport, Pakistan  in 1986.

For her courage, compassion and commitment, Neerja was recognized internationally as the ‘heroine of the hijack’ and was awarded by many countries including India, USA, Pakistan etc. United Newspapers is owned by her brother, Aneesh Bhanot.

United Newspapers, 3727, Sector 46 c, Chandigarh 160047.

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Mobile: 9815047017