IIT Ropar brings India’s first-of-its-kind UVGI based room disinfection device

Ropar, August 13, 2020: A unique UVGI based Room Disinfection Device has been developed by IIT Ropar researchers in collaboration with Momentum India Pvt. Ltd.
This state-of-the-art device has been conceptualized and designed at IIT Ropar by Dr. Khushboo Rakha, Assistant Professor, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and Dr. Naresh Rakha, Senior Scientific Officer with technical support from Dr. Shahriar Reza (Design Consultant).
The team worked under the guidance and support of Prof. Harpreet Singh (Dean, ICSR) and Prof. Sarit K. Das (Director, IIT Ropar).
This completely indigenous device harnesses the germicidal effects of UV-C radiations to inactivate viruses and bacteria.
The “State of the Art” design of UV Safe ensures Zero-shadow 360o disinfection through its Prismatic Body and foldable wings.
The specially designed wings provide focused exposure to the most frequently touched surfaces such as door knobs, table tops, cupboards, room fixtures, wall corners, work tops, artifacts, furniture etc.
The trapezoid base houses the control panel of the equipment. A removable handle and magnetic cover has been designed for comfortable storage and transit of the device. This unique and efficient design has been patented.
The IIT Ropar team has developed a Mathematical Model based on the last 60 years of research on viruses and bacteria to determine the precise dose of UV-C radiations to effectively inactivate various viruses and bacteria present in/on different types of media (air, surface and liquid).
The equipment has the ability to adapt to many differently sized enclosures.
With adjustment of time of exposure and space aspect ratio, the device is suitable to conduct disinfection of varying structures in terms of geometrical designs and sizes.
The time of exposure can be determined using a software developed at IIT Ropar based on the Mathematical Model. The equipment can achieve a disinfection level of up to 99.99%.
The device has been tested for its efficacy by FICCI Research and Analysis Center (NABL Accredited Laboratory, New Delhi).
For a floor area of 14ft X 14ft, UV Safe can achieve 99.9% disinfection in just 6 minutes.
The device boasts of multiple safety features like remote control to enable its operator to stay at safe distance; infra-red motion sensors to automatically switch off the UV-C lamps on movement detection and Emergency stop switch to shut down the device in emergency situations.
According to Rohan Oberoi, Founder and CEO, Momentum India Private Limited, “Some of our core values at Momentum India are Innovation, Ownership, Integrity and Safety First. By joining hands with IIT Ropar, we were able to innovate a truly Indian product which is conceptualized, designed, engineered and manufactured in India.”

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