Inner Wheel Club donates Dialysis Machine to PGI

Chandigarh, August 10, 2020: The Inner Wheel Club, Chandigarh and Chandigarh Midtown collaborated and donated one Haemodialysis Machine to the Department of Nephrology at PGIMER, Chandigarh today.
Prof. H.S. Kohli, Head, Deptt. of Nephrology, PGIMER expressed his sincere thanks to “Inner Wheel Club” and family of J.C. Chopra, Sangeeta Chopra and her grandson Rahul Chaudhary for this gesture during the current difficult COVID-19 circumstances.
Prof Kohli had special appreciation for young Rahul who took up this initiative as tribute to his nana ji, late JC Chopra, former Chief Town Planner, Haryana.
Hemodialysis is a life saving procedure which is offered to patients with severe forms of kidney failure.
In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the dialysis team now faces the additional challenge of providing dialysis services to critically ill COVID-19 patients.
Kidney Disease is a known complication in patients with COVID-19 and patients with pre-existing kidney disease are at increased risk of development of complications related to COVID-19 and, therefore, Dialysis services have become an important part of COVID-19 management.
Over the last one week, the department provided dialysis to 10 patients with COVID 19 in COVID ICU at PGIMER.
This number is likely to increase in future going by recent trends.
The Department has taken up this challenge by shifting three haemodialysis machines and creating three teams (2 regular, 1 standby) for providing dialysis services in COVID ICU at Nehru Hospital Extension.
During this time, donation of one haemodialysis machine by the “Inner Wheel Club”, Chandigarh Midtown and the family of J.C. Chopra will ease the management of patients with renal failure by increasing the resources in hand.

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