Kids Monsoon Fun

Young children cherish the monsoon season with a lot of fun and become foodies in no time.
It is important to take care of their weekened digestive system.
Here are some foods that can be given to children to strengthen their immunity and enjoy the season with the same level of energy as always.
• Turmeric – This immunity boosting spice should be included in your child’s diet as it has a good antioxidant activity too. It can be given as turmeric tea or turmeric milk to help them sleep better and help them fight for infections and diseases.
• Garlic – This versatile ingredient can be given as garlic chutney to children as it helps strengthen immune system and has good antioxidant activity.
• Herbal drink – Kadha or herbal drink can be prepared by adding spices like cinnamon, fenugreek, ginger, tulsi and cumin but make sure it is not given too often as children must not be given food with lots of spices.
• Nuts and dry fruits – They are a good option for munching and will thus enrich your children with good fats.
• Daals – Pulses and legumes will not be heavy to your stomach and thus will be digested easily helping your child to fight off any seasonal infection.
• Soups – Hot soup leaves you and your child with a sense of warmth and comfort and prevents you from catching seasonal chills.
• Seasonal fruits and vegetables – Fruits and vegetables are packed with lots of antioxidants and Vitamin C that help to fight off any infection or illnesses. Include pomegranate(anar), apples, bananas, pears and papayas or any other fruits that can be included in your child’s diet.
Let this monsoon be pouring lots of good health to your children.
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