Love Is Thicker Than Blood

by Deepak Chopra

We have heard people saying “Blood is thicker than water” and we all agree. Have we ever challenged this dictum? Have we ever tried to explore beyond blood relations? Have we ever made an effort to determine the ingredient present in the age old relationship between two per-sons?

Blood relations are considered the most potent of all relations. Ironically, it is also the weakest of all, since it attracts a heap of expectations. Maintaining bon-homie and protocol in blood relations becomes an obligation. Every action is then gov-erned by the proximity of that relation.

Every person wants to be respected by his juniors. But this respect should emanate out of love for that person, not by the demand of the relation.

The failure of the blood rela-tion to give the desired respect inflicts pain and misery, as each blood relative tries to crack the whip to demand respect and alle-giance, depending on his / her position in the hierarchy of the relations.

So we can say blood relations are governed more by fear of seniors.

On the contrary, it is observed that relations with friends and acquaintances are relatively smooth and seldom subjected to such upheavals as in blood relations. The dynamics of these relations are gov-erned by love and understanding.

Since the aim of any human relation is peaceful interaction, it can only be achieved through love, which is followed by understanding and forgive-ness, and not by wielding the stick of blood rela-tion, which can achieve short term gains only.

One must make efforts to transcend the bonds of blood relations, explore the true character of the person and judge him by his deeds. This will give an insight to the true person, which will gen-erate honest respect and regard, and love will emanate, forging bonds stronger than blood rela-tions.

Blood relations are subservient to laws of inheritance and subjugated by lust for wealth. But feelings of love go beyond the net asset value of the person and honor the inner wealth, which is essential for establishing long term relation-ships.

Love is undemanding. Love is forgiving. Love is passionate. Love is compassionate.

A blood relation governed by love is SELF-LESS, STEADFAST and SACROSANCT

Chandigarh based Deepak Chopra is Author of the books: The Secrets of Success and Mantras for Inner Peace
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