Medical Negligence alleged against NABH approved lab

Chandigarh, September 13, 2020: In a written complaint to the UT Advisor to the Administrator, Dr Amandeep Kaur has alleged medical negligence in the case of her father, a senior citizen, Manjit Singh, by a Government Accredited Lab ‘Atulaya Healthcare’, Sector 11, Chandigarh.
According to Dr Amandeep Kaur, “My father was having a history of fever, mild cough and a sore throat. He had a history of contact with a positive COVID-19 patient. Bearing in mind our utmost responsibility to society and others, our whole family went into self-isolation.
“We set up an appointment with Atulaya Healthcare, Sector 11, Chandigarh for home collection for COVID-19 testing. COVID-19 samples (RT PCR) and blood samples for Complete Blood Count, Liver Function Tests and Renal Function Tests were collected from our house at around 2:30 pm on October 10 by a techncian from Atulaya.The total charges informed to us were Rs. 3970 including Rs. 1000 as collection charges, Rs. 2000 for RT PCR and rest for blood samples.We paid Rs. 3970 in cash to the technician who collected the samples.”
“ As communicated verbally by the technician, ‘Atulaya will send both Bill Receipt and results of blood samples’ within 4 hours. RT PCR report will be available within 48 hours. The same evening after 6:30 pm we started to get in touch with Atulaya (via phone) for results of blood sample reports. We were told they will get back to us in sometime. At 6:44 pm, a report was shared with us on mail. To our despair and shock, the report sent was incorrect and it was dated December 19, 2019 with the results of tests which we had not asked or paid for. This is highly unprofesstional, unethical, unacceptable negligence by Atulaya.”
“We called Atulaya and told them about the incorrect report. It was affirmed to us that blood tests had been done. Only error, they claimed, happened that they sent the report of some other patient to us. We were communicated that they are working on it and would send the correct report right way.
However, nobody from Atulaya took the accountability, responsibility and ownership to get back to us with the report.”
“On September 11, finally, after 5 hours harassment we got the results at 3:30 pm. The blood tests revealed abnormal complete blood counts and abnormal liver function tests.”
Dr. Aamndeep alleges that there were a number of mistakes in the test report and when they got a similar test done by another lab, the results were totally different. Were the tests actually done by Autalaya Healthcare? she questions.
The family also had a ‘harrowing‘ experience when they wanted to talk to the doctor of Atulaya Labs, who was ‘too busy’ and ‘unavailable’ to talk to them.
.Refuting the charges, BPS Lamba, Vice President-HR and Administration, Atulaya Healthcare, said, “Our lab is the only lab in the private sector which is NABL accredited in all the departments like bio chemistry, immune, micro, histopathology, PCR and haematology . We run two level of controls everyday, samples are run only if controls are with in normal limits.”
“Our lab participates regularly in external quality programs with AIIMS Delhi and internal lab comparisons. The samples which are tested at a later point are stored in a refrigerator 2-8 degree Celsius. Variation in samples collected at two diff occasions are bound to occur as there are physiological variations.Upto 25% variation is known and acceptable if sample is processed at two different facilities,” he added.

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