Mild and Asymptomatic patients to give undertaking for Home Isolation

Chandigarh, August 24, 2020: The Punjab Government has issued new guidelines regarding medical fitness for home isolation of asymptomatic/mild symptomatic patients and patients aged more than 60 or with co-morbidities and pregnant women.
All such patients will be offered the opportunity to give an undertaking at the time of sampling regarding availability of home isolation facility at their residence in case they turn out to be positive for COVID-19.
These guidelines also implement on asymptomatic/mild symptomatic COVID-19 positive patients for home isolation.
Giving further details, the Health Minister Balbir Singh Sidhu said that instructions have been issued to all the Deputy Commissioners, Civil Surgeons in this regard.
He said that the doctor available at the time of sampling would assess all such persons for clinical fitness for home isolation.
In case such patients test positive for COVID-19 they will continue for home isolation as per protocol.
He clarified that there is no need to bring them to the hospital provided they remain to be asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic.
Sidhu added that it is compulsory that they will procure the kit which should contain at least a thermometer, pulse oximeter, Tab Vitamin C and Tab Zinc and regularly monitor themselves for any symptoms and report immediately to Health department if the symptoms seem to appear or worsen.
The follow-up of home isolated patients will be done by the District Administration COVID Patient Tracking teams.
These teams will also ensure follow up of these patients on phone and with at least 3 visits during the duration of home isolation.
“If the contrary is found during follow up visits regarding undertaking given by patient about the availability of facilities for Home Isolation as per protocol, such patients will be shifted to isolation facility,” he said
Talking about private healthcare centres, the Minister said that the private institutions are also directed to follow the same protocols.
Home isolation of asymptomatic/mild symptomatic COVID-19 positive patients aged more than 60 and or with co-morbidities: Asymptomatic/mild symptomatic COVID-19 positive elderly patients aged more than 60 years with co-morbid states may be allowed home isolation if certified by Personal Medical specialist/ Hospital that he/se is fit for home isolation and the concerned specialist/ Hospital will monitor his/her condition for any timely treatment.
For pregnant women, asymptomatic/mild symptomatic COVID-19 positive pregnant woman with non-high-risk pregnancy and likely not to deliver in the next three weeks may be allowed home isolation if certified by a gynecologist that she is fit for home isolation.
The private institutions are also directed to follow the same protocols.
If any home isolated patients require any medical assistançe advice they must call at 104 or District helpline number.

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