Munch healthier for Snacking

Your late night snacking is an outcome of a number of habits you perform through-out your day.

Your mindless eating will certainly add extra calories to your body and store them for as long as you burn them.

Late night snacking is associated with weight gain and obesity in the long run. Besides those extra calories, eating too close to bed-time can cause indigestion and sleeping problems. But there’s one thing you

can think of changing is what you munch late night.

There are far healthier options than just opting for foods puffed with high calo-ries. Here you go:

• Water – Water is simply the best option to look for if staying up late. Water has zero calories and will also help you stay hydrated. It also prevents you from overeating and jumping on to foods with high calories.

• Fox Nuts (Makhane) – This easy to prepare snack loaded with Calcium, is fla-vanoid rich with positive effects on our body. They help to detoxify spleen and function properly. They also make you feel full easily. So next time, opt for home roasted fox nuts (makhane) rather than regular popcorn.

• Yogurt – Yogurt is filled with a number of health ben-efits for our body. This nutrient filled cup is full of Calcium, Vitamin B and minerals in trace amounts. Eating just a cup of yogurt will give you a complete feeling of satiety.

• Crackers – This low calorie snack is a better option than the normal bis-cuits as these have a major ingredient of wheat flour or oats. Thus, they are loaded with lots of dietary fibre that make you full easily.

• Fruits – Make an effort and cut fruits for yourself everytime you think of stay-ing up late. Fruits are natu-rally low in fat and calories and enriched with lots of dietary fibre which lowers your appetite and satisfies you with just a small bowl.

• Chammomile Tea – This herbal tea, prepared from dried flowers, is known to boost immunity and reduce stress as well. It brings an oasis of calm and tranquility with its every sip. Crunch a few nuts along with it to sat-isfy your rising hunger dur-ing late night times. You can also choose to have 2-3 car-damom that help in your weight loss as it helps to burn fat more easily.

• Oatmeal – When your hunger calls for nutrients to add to your energy, switch to

oatmeal. Besides being a great breakfast meal, oat-meal can also be taken to control your appetite at night times without adding much to your calorie intake. A combination of any cereal and milk will also aid in fill-ing your stomach.
• Sandwiches – Prepare yourself an instant vegetable sandwich or spread over Peanut butter to your slice, a perfect set to bring in satiety.

Switch over to keep your-self hydrated which will lower your appetite and adopt a healthy lifestyle without disturbing the circa-dian rhythm of your body.

Remember, your body is designed to respond to the rising and setting of the sun. Don’t disturb the cycle of your body and honour it with the best of food.

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