Never Break A Heart

The Heart is the most treasured organ of our body. Besides performing its life sustaining functions, it also serves as an abode for our loved ones. It is quite intriguing that even though this abode has no entry or exit doors, a considerable influx and efflux of traffic takes place.

The expressway into the heart starts from the eyes, where the traffic signals and speed limits are manned by the mind. Before converging at the heart, there are several exit points where the unwanted traffic is diverted. Once someone makes way into our heart, a special place is allocated to that person. Our life is centered around the inhabitants of our heart.

Interestingly, influx is a silent process. It raises the feel good quotient.There is an answer to why it happens. But how someone enters the heart is mystical. It is better to keep this mystery unsolved than seek answers to it. This feeling of mutual fondness and then entry into each other’s heart occurs as stealthily and in as subtle a manner as formation of dew in the realm of nature.

But how does one exit from the heart? Do we fetch our way through any door? No! Since there is none. Have we wondered how we make an exit from some-one’s heart? Or how do we lead someone out of our heart? Are you peeping into your heart as you read this? And are you scanning the peripheral walls for any exit points? I am afraid there are none.

Though the entry is a very smooth process, it is the exit that is painful. Melancholic. Excruciating. Depressing. Disheartening. HEARTBREAKING !!!

Aah! That is how a person makes an exit from our heart. By virtually breaking our heart. We are left with a gaping hole in the heart that is unable to contain any emotions or sentiments. The size of the hole is directly proportional to the intensity of the relationship shared.

With every successive heart break, the intensity of emotions and sensitivity of sentiments takes a dip south. Every shudder does not soften the wall of the heart, but hardens them on the contrary. That is why we have this phrase “stone-heart-ed”.

Every heart initially is of wax which melts at the slightest heat of emotions. Its the vagaries of life that alter its composition, sometimes for good and sometimes for the worse.

Hence we should be very sagacious in our thought process, our actions and our speech, so as to never break any heart, since we too get bruised in the process.

Chandigarh based Deepak Chopra is Author of the books: The Secrets of Success and Mantras for Inner Peace

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