New jobs, organic products in offing as KVIC taps Indian Palm Industry

New Delhi, June 17, 2020: The Khadi and Village
Industries Commission (KVIC)
has rolled out a unique project to
produce Neera and Palmgur which
has huge potential to create employment
in the country.
The project aims at promoting
Neera as a substitute to soft drinks
while also creating self-employment
to Adivasis and traditional trappers.
It was launched on yesterday at
Dahanu in Palghar district of Maharashtra,
a state with more than 50
lakh palm trees.
KVIC distributed tool kits for
extraction of Neera and making
palmgur to 200 local artisans who
were given 7 days training by
A tool kit worth Rs 15,000 comprises
food grade stainless steel
Kadhai, perforated moulds, canteen
burners and other equipment like
knives, rope and axes for extraction
of Neera.
The initiative will provide direct
employment to 400 local traditional
Neera, extracted from palm trees
before sunrise, is a nutrient-rich
health drink consumed in many
Indian states.
However, due to lack of institutionalized
market technique, the
commercial production and large
scale marketing of Neera has not
commenced yet.
The project has been rolled out on
the initiative of Union Minister of
MSME, Nitin Gadkari who is also
exploring the feasibility of engaging
some big players of the state to start
using Neera as soft drinks to make it
commercially useful.
There are approximately 10 crore
palm trees across the country. Further,
a wide range of products like
candies, milk chocolates, palm cola,
ice-cream and traditional sweets can
be produced from Neera if properly
At present palmgur Neera worth
Rs 500 crore is traded in the country.
The turnover is likely to
increase manifold with commercial
production of Neera.
KVIC has prepared a detailed
project report on production of
Neera and Palmgur (jaggery). It is
proposed to start standardized collection,
processing and packing of
Neera under controlled conditions
so as to prevent it from fermentation.
The processed Neera, through cold
chain, is intended to reach the B2C
supply chain.
“On the lines of coconut water, we
are working to promote Neera as a
substitute to the soft drinks available
in the market. Neera is organic and
rich in nutrients and thus a complete
health drink. With increasing the
production and marketing of Neera,
we are trying to establish it as a key
vertical of India’s village industry,”
KVIC Chairman Vinai Saxena said,
while distributing tool kits to the
artisans via video-conference.
Saxena said the production of
Neera has high potential in terms of
sale as well as creation of selfemployment.
“Palm industry can be
a major employment generator in
India. It is aligned with Prime Minister
Narendra Modi’s call of selfreliance
and vocal for local,” Saxena
At the same time, Neera has high
export potential as it is also consumed
in countries like Sri Lanka,
Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand,
and Myanmar. India has an
abundance of palm fields in states
like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa,
Daman & Diu, Dadra and Nagar
Haveli, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh
and Bihar that can make India a
leading producer of Neera globally.

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