Now, grievance mechanisms of all Punjab Departments under one umbrella

Chandigarh, June 22, 2020: The Punjab Cabinet
today approved a comprehensive
Public Grievance Redressal Policy,
paving the way for the creation and
management of a Public Grievance
Redressal System (PGRS) to bring
grievance mechanisms of all departments
under one umbrella, within
the ambit of `Digital Punjab’.
Led by the CM Captain Amarinder
Singh, the Cabinet decided to put in
place a uniform system for redressal
of the grievances of citizens in a
time-bound, accessible and transparent
There is currently no single interface
for citizens to register their
grievances with the Government,
which necessitated the formulation
of a comprehensive policy in this
regard, according to an official
Aimed at further improvements in
service delivery of citizen grievances
redressal, the policy provides
for establishment of a clear standardised
workflow for grievance
redressal, assigns timelines to each
officer in the workflow for resolution
of grievance, enables citizens to
submit their feedback on the resolution
provided, escalates grievances
to higher authorities and allows for
analysis of the collected data for
evidence-based decision making.
Supported by an IVR system and a
proposed call centre, PGRS shall
enable collection of citizen feedback
and sentiments on Government’s
delivery of resolution in services.
The Department of Governance
Reforms and Public Grievances has
built an IT portal for PGRS as per
the Punjab Grievance Redressal Policy
and proposes to onboard all the
departments on it and to conduct
training of department officers and
staff, as required, for the purpose.
In the absence of a clearly defined
policy for citizen grievance resolution,
various departments were so
far operating and maintaining their
individual systems to receive and
redress grievances from citizens.
PBGRAMS, a legacy system, is
also being used by multiple departments
for this purpose, but it lacks a
standardised workflow for redressal
and has no proper timelines for resolution
of delivery and accountability
to departments.

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